Lecture on: Synaptic Plasticity, Learning and Memory. Feb 1st 2018. University of Vienna

Lecture on: Retinal Processing. March 17th 2019. University of Cambridge.

Lecture on: Magnets and Magnetism. Feb 24th 2020. Daniel Kagerbauer.

Lecture on: Tubulin Evolution. May 28th 2020. Thomas Cushion.


Courses at LMU

  1. Current Topics in Sensory and Developmental Neurobiology (Seminar, Friday’s at 4pm, Winter and Summer Semester).
  2. Advanced 3D Cellular Systems in Neuroscience (Two week intense practical and theoretical course, Winter and Summer Semester).
  3. Experimental Design Course (Mondays 4pm, with Dr Simon Nimpf, Winter Semester).
  4. Systems Neuroscience (Wednesdays 9am, Lecture Course. Classes on Electroreception and Magnetoreception).
  5. WP7 – Neurobiology (Lectures and practical course in Developmental Neurobiology).